Hey there! I’m Gregor, the founder of Pisarna – Coworking Ljubljana, a thriving coworking space nestled in the heart of Ljubljana. As part of my dedication to cultivating the ultimate coworking experience, I’ve embarked on a global journey to delve into various coworking environments, seeking inspiration and insights to elevate Pisarna’s offerings. At Coworking Pisarna, we’re not just about providing workspace; we’re passionate about fostering a dynamic community where collaboration and innovation flourish.

During my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, I had the opportunity to explore three remarkable coworking spaces. While I initially shared my reviews on LinkedIn, I’ve decided to compile them here in this blog post, with a few adjustments. Additionally, I’ll be sharing some coworking recommendations I’ve gathered along the way, which I’m eager to explore on my next visit to Bali.

Bali, often hailed as a digital nomad haven, boasts all the infrastructure you need to thrive as a remote worker. From amazing coworking spaces to great coliving setups and, of course, an inspiring community.


Exploring Coworking Spaces Around the World: Bali Insights

1. BWork: Where Work Meets Grandeur

Bwork’s location on Google maps.

BWork coworking was the first coworking space I visited on Bali, and it turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever experienced. I spent a few hours there working from the cafe area since I’m not a member, but let me tell you, it was impressive.

Like most coworking spaces in Bali, BWork offers two separate areas: member and non-member area. The cafe area is particularly grand, with these big stairs where you can sit and work comfortably. Despite not being a member, I still got a tour of the space, and it has everything you could possibly need: a gym, meeting rooms, a small swimming pool, a lovely rooftop terrace (though it was empty due to the heat outside), hot desks, dedicated desks, event space, and even a small pool.

Compared to the other coworking spaces I visited, BWork felt less open and much larger, which made it challenging to get a proper feel for the community vibe. However, I probably just didn’t spend enough time there to fully experience it. I particularly enjoyed the events they promoted, which weren’t just educational and social but also health-related. This inspired me to incorporate similar events into Pisarna’s schedule as well.


Coworking Bwork Bali

2. Tribal Coworking Hostel

Location of Tribal Coworking Hostel on Google Maps

As the name suggests, Tribal Coworking offers a unique fusion of accommodation and workspace, catering perfectly to digital nomads like myself. What stood out the most was the strong sense of community fostered within Tribal. With residents living and working together, it’s no wonder everyone seems to know each other so well. Despite the laid-back vibes, productivity remains a top priority among Tribal members.

The rental system couldn’t be simpler: no membership fees, just a minimum spend of 100.000 IDR (approximately 6€) per hour, granting access to all facilities for free. And let’s not forget about the perks: a swimming pool! Initially dismissed as a decorative feature, it’s actually a fantastic spot to cool off during Bali’s scorching days.

Overall, Tribal Coworking Hostel has firmly secured its place as one of my favorite coworking spaces.


Tribal Coworking Bali

3. Tropical Nomad: Embracing Openness and Comfort

Location of Tropical Nomad on Google maps.

The Tropical Nomad coworking is something special – it’s incredibly airy and entirely open, except for a few meeting rooms. The vibe gives off this repurposed old warehouse feel (reminded me a bit of our Pisarna.co – coworking which is also settled in an old warehouse), though I couldn’t confirm it with the staff.

Non-members are limited to working in the café/garden arae, which is spacious and well-equipped for a smooth work experience. However, they let me check out the rest of the space.

The overall setup is cozy, striking that perfect balance between openness and comfort. People are immersed in their work, except for a dad next to me trying to work and contain/entertain his toddler at the same time. Tropical Nomad organizes community events, averaging about four a week. I noticed some cool features, like a members’ board for sharing personal info – thinking about bringing this idea to Pisarna.

Some cool features caught my eye, like a members’ board where members can share some of their personal information, such as their birthdays – another idea I’m considering for Pisarna. The celebration of birthdays could bring members closer together.

Additionally, the coworking space offers surf rentals and houses a small store with merchandise and products from local vendors. Now, while surf rentals wouldn’t make sense for us at Pisarna, imagine offering ski rentals instead – because, you know, we’re all about those snowy slopes in the winter time!


Tropical Nomad Bali

Additional Recommendations

Although I didn’t have the chance to visit these coworking spaces during my recent trip, I’ve heard fantastic things about them and plan to explore them on my next visit to Bali:

  • Lost Creators house – I’ve been follwing lost creators house on social media for a while and it seems like they are having a lot of fun with a great community. I didn’t find many reviews on the internet, however, I will defenitelly visit it next time i’m on Bali.
  • Outpost Ubud – Outpost has 3 different locations, one of them is in Ubud. Apparently they organize great events and the community feeling is great. Also, Ubudu tends to be more calmer area of Bali. Some pepole say that Outpost offers the fastes wifi out of all coworking spaces. :)

I’m excited to continue my journey of exploring coworking spaces around the world and bringing back the best practices to CoworkingPisarna. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we strive to create the ultimate coworking experience in Ljubljana! ✈️